Hard Anodizing Services

Our hard anodizing process can handle aluminum parts as small as 1/2" and as large as 10'x4'. The hard anodized coating meets the requirements of MIL-A-8625F for type III, classes 1 and 2 and easily passes the ASTM B117 5000 hours salt spray test exceeding nearly 15 times the military

Facts about anodizing:

  • Besides the increased corrosion resistance in a neutral pH range, hard anodized surfaces provide great adhesion to paint, solid lubricants, rubber, and other organic coatings.
  • *Some high silicon cast aluminum alloys and high copper content aluminum alloys may be an exception
  • Depending on the aluminum alloy, the surface color after hard anodizing may vary from light gray to black. Some alloys will give a brown or green color.
  • Unlike standard anodized surfaces, hard anodized surfaces are generally not colored with organic dyes. That being said, It is possible for these coatings to be dyed; black dye generally yields the most consistent result.
  • *If the decorative appearance of your hard anodized parts is of importance, please consult our technical representatives to discuss anodizing options.
  • Hard anodized coatings provide very good electrical insulation with a high dielectric strength.
  • Hard anodized surfaces have excellent hardness of 60-70Rc (Rockwell C).
  • Hard anodizing provides excellent resistance to abrasive wear; it is 4-5 times more resilient than standard anodizing.
  • The hard anodizing process yields a coating thickness from 0.0005" to 0.002". As with standard anodizing, approximately 50% of the coating penetrates into the metal, while the remaining 50% becomes dimensional growth.
  • Sharp corners and edges will not hard anodize. Depending on the desired thickness of the anodized layer, the maximum edge radius ranges from .002" to 0.05"(the higher radius corresponding to a thicker coating).

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