Powder Coating Services

Our powder coating and curing processes can handle parts is sizes as small as 1" and sheets, enclosures, or profiles as large as 23' long. We offer both batch and line powder coating services.

We carry top quality powder from the leading manufacturers in all the most popular colors. Specific colors may be ordered on request. Please contact us for more information.

Facts about Powder Coating:

  • About UsThe dry powder coating process produces a superior finish that is not possible with traditional solvent containing paints.
  • Powder coating yields a uniform surface layer which is exceptionally tough
  • Powder coatings do not show any trace of sagging, running, or dripping.
  • Some very common applications o powder coating include architectural components, automotive components, appliances, furniture, electronics housings, lighting fixtures, pipes, and outdoor equipment markets such as sporting equipment, bicycles, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

Powder Coat materials:

Acrylic-Urethane Coatings

  • These powder coatings have excellent color, gloss, and hardness. They also offer excellent outdoor resistance, as well as chemical resistance.
  • Acrylic-Urethane coatings will give an excellent decorative appearance and a good coating flexibility.

Epoxy Coatings

  • Epoxy powders are used for both functional and decoratve coatings.
  • Thanks to the outstanding electrical resistance, epoxy coatings work well as electrical insulation.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance allows for use of these coatings for protection of pipes and steel bars(rebar) to support concrete bridges and decks.
  • Decorative epoxy coatings offer attractive surface finishes with inherent toughness, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and a good adhesion.
  • *Epoxy coatings should not be used where coated surfaces will be exposed to direct sunlight; they have a tendency to chalk and discolor under excessive levels of ultraviolet light.

Epoxy-Polyester hybrid coatings

  • Epoxy-Polyester powder coatings offer a better resistance to ultraviolet light than the epoxy coatings.
  • These coatings are softer than standard epoxy coatings, yet they maintain good mechanical strength as well as good corrosion resistance.
  • Since Epoxy-Polyester coatings penetrate well into corners and recesses, they are the best choice for complex shapes difficult to coat uniformly with other powder formulations.

Polyester-TGIC coatings

  • Polyester-TGIC powder coatings provide better protection against weathering than both Epoxy and Epoxy-Polyester coatings.
  • These coatings offer excellent mechanical properties at a high film thickness, as well as good corrosion protection and edge coverage.

Polyester-Urethane coatings

  • These powder coatings combine outstanding decorative appearance with good toughness and good resistance to weathering.
  • Polyester-Urethane coatings are a popular choice in appliance manufacturing and also in general metal finishing applications.

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